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Exclusions may vary by state. In addition to any benefit-specific exclusions, Liberty Mutual will not pay benefits for any claim which directly or indirectly, in whole or in part, is caused by, contributed to, or results from any of the following unless insurance coverage is specifically provided for by name in the Benefits and Coverages section:
  1. Declared or undeclared war or act of war or any act of declared or undeclared war;
  2. The Covered Person’s intentionally self-inflicted injury, suicide, or any attempt while sane or insane , or intentional restriction of oxygen to the brain;
  3. The Covered Person’s active duty service in the military, naval, or air force of any country or international organization. Upon Our receipt of proof of service, We will refund any premium paid for this time. Military Reserve or National Guard active duty training is not excluded unless it extends beyond 31 days;
  4. The Covered Person’s flight in, boarding, or alighting from an aircraft or any craft designed to fly above the Earth’s surface except as a fare-paying passenger on a regularly scheduled commercial airline or on an aircraft owned or leased by the Policyholder;
  5. Dental or plastic Surgery except when such Surgery is performed to:
    1. Treat an Injury;
    2. Correct a disorder of normal bodily function;
    3. Reconstruct a part of the body which was disfigured or removed as a result of an Injury or Illness;
    4. The treatment of a Covered Person’s mental illness;
  6. The treatment of a Covered Person’s alcoholism, drug addiction, chemical dependency, or complications thereof;
  7. The Covered Person’s commission of, or attempt to commit, a felony or assault, or engagement in an illegal occupation;
  8. The Covered Person’s operation of a motor vehicle while intoxicated which will be conclusively assumed if he is operating the motor vehicle with a blood alcohol level in excess of the amount allowed under the laws of the state in which the accident occurred;
  9. The Covered Person’s intoxication, or voluntary ingestion, including inhalation, snorting, inserting, or otherwise consuming any narcotic or drug unless prescribed or taken under the direction of a Physician, and taken in accordance with the prescribed dosage, or an “over the counter” drug not taken in accordance with the prescribed dosage;
  10. The Covered Person’s voluntary ingestion, including inhalation, snorting, inserting, or otherwise consuming of poison, gas, or fumes;
  11. The Covered Person’s Injury sustained while participating in professional or semi-professional athletics;
  12. The Covered Person’s participation in any motorized race or contest of speed or stunt show;
  13. The Covered Person’s travel outside the United States and its possessions for the sole purpose of receiving medical care or treatment;
  14. Any Hospital Confinement of a newborn following the birth unless the newborn is sick or injured;
  15. The Covered Person’s Injury or Illness incurred prior to the Coverage Effective Date or during any applicable waiting period;
  16. The Covered Person’s treatment related to gender reassignment surgery or gender identity disorder, voluntary sterilization or reversal of sterilization, in vitro fertilization, embryo transfer procedures, and artificial insemination;
  17. The Covered Person’s treatment through experimental procedures;
  18. Routine health examinations or procedures.; This exclusion does not apply to the Health Screening Benefit;
  19. The Covered Person’s commission of or active participation in a riot or insurrection;
  20. Services or treatment rendered by any person who is:
    1. Employed or retained by the Policyholder;
    2. The Covered Person;
    3. A Member of the Same Household;
    4. An Immediate Family Member of the Covered Person; or
    5. A Business Associate of the Covered Person.